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We’ve been long-time fans of the battlefield series, and after all this time they are finally going back to their roots. While the industry has long felt historical wars no longer appeal to mainstream gamers, Spawning is fun EA took a chance with WWI and the production values show up in spades with Battlefield 1. DICE seem to be legitimately on track to redeem themselves after the blunders of web-based Battlelogs and stumbled launches with BF3 and 4.

Agent Smoke was invited to the closed alpha for Battlefield 1, and now that it’s over and he’s collected his thoughts we’d like to share those impressions with you.

Check out his video preview of Battlefield 1:

Battlefield 1942 suffered from horrendous shooting, but at least it brought a new dimension to large-scale FPS and vehicle combat that we couldn’t get enough of back in 2002. To overcome many of it’s flaws, we at the [gb] found ourselves making liberal use of the flexible bot support and mod community, with Desert Combat being our favorite flavor. Little did we Fog of Warknow when we were clamoring for a modern twist on Battlefield combat that the industry was going to grab on and run away with it. The return to wooden rifles and potato mashers is welcome in a way we never thought possible.

Mixing the modern refinements and competent shooting of Battlefield 4 with the old school setting of a World War and a sprinkle of Bad Company destruction goodness, Battlefield 1 is shaping up to be a bold and welcome new direction for the Battlefield series.

Welcome back to the old, but this time it’s shiny!

…and you actually hit people when you point your gun at them and pull the trigger. =\

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3 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 Alpha — What stood out

  1. phray

    “…and you actually hit people when you point your gun at them and pull the trigger. =\”

    wait, so you’re saying I wasn’t the only person that was completely worthless with a rifle in BF1942 past 2-3 feet?

    1. Tephlon Post author

      Lol. I remember being so freaking frustrated by the sniper rifles in that game.

      You needed a bayonet on every weapon, cause they felt like they were shooting blanks.

  2. binkdrop

    Nice review, Agent Smoke. You brought some really good footage of the alpha to see the various facets setting this one apart from BF4. I find the BF games ridiculously immersive from the sounds, so I loved hearing the clanking of old-timey vehicles and such. Favorite commentary was “There are 3 weathers.” : )


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