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I generally listen to at least two audiobooks a month and I just thought I’d share some thoughts about stuff I’ve been reading. I mostly read Fantasy and Sci-Fi, so get ready for some nerdy stuff. I’ll start with the 2 series I’m reading right now.


The Expanse Series

leviathanThis is often called ‘Game of Thrones in space’, mostly because it’s epic in scale and one of the authors used to be George RR Martin’s assistant. I don’t particularly like that comparison because there are currently 5 books in the ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ series, and the first one came out in 1996. The Expanse series has 5 books and the first one was released in 2011.  But in terms of quality, it’s absolutely on par, if not better than ASOIF. Yeah, I like it that much.

This series is a space opera that follows the adventures of Jim Holden and his crew and the goings-on of the governments of Earth, Mars and the Outer Planets Alliance. The first book almost reads like an old hardboiled detective novel and I love pretty much everything about it. The series has had a new installment released every summer like clockwork and they are all outstanding and never feel rushed. If you are at all interested in Sci Fi, check it out. It just a solid space opera that doesn’t get too far into the hard science, but also doesn’t turn into straight fantasy like a lot of sci fi does.

This was recently turned into an awesome TV show on the Syfy channel. If you’re not into the whole literature thing, at least check out the show, it’s a pretty great adaptation.


The Dresden Files

deadbeatThis series was recommended by Pat Rothfuss who some of you may know as Viari from Acquisitions Incorporated, or more likely as the author of the Kingkiller Chronicles. And BTW, if you haven’t read those books, go do that now. They are outstanding.

The Dresden files is a fairly standard modern detective story except the detective in question happens to be a wizard. There are like 15 books in the series so far and I’ve been enjoying it. The first few books felt like they were wandering around aimlessly looking for an over arching plot and never found anything substantial until around book 4. But these novels are pretty light and quick reads compared to the big tomes of LoTR or ASoIF. They are kinda the equivalent of dumb action movies where you have a good time and don’t have to think too much.



So that’s what I’m reading now, but I’m interested in hearing what you guys are reading. Let me know.

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  1. Tephlon

    I’ve been reading the Temeraire series for about 3 years now. I burnt through the first 4 in a matter of months, but have been reading them much more slowly since the birth of my kids. It’s basically a fantasy alternate history series about the Napoleonic wars, with Dragons. It’s awesome. It’s the series I’m currently reading “in text”

    As for audiobooks, I’ve started listening to the Wheel of Time series, but I’m not very far in yet. I know others here have already read them, but it’s what I’m listening to at the moment. I’m actually not very equipped to describe what the series is about, and it’s also not all that new– so I guess I’m not too hip.

    We all know I’m slow about a lot of these things.


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